Providing off-ice officiating for hockey in New Mexico

Off-Ice Official Required Registrations

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In the interest of safety for youth hockey players on and off the ice, NM Off-Ice Officials are required to maintain the following combination of registrations and certifications.

  1. checkMembership in USA Hockey (renewed annually, no cost to the OiO)
  2. checkUSA Hockey sanctioned background check (performed bi-annually, no cost to the OiO)
  3. checkReview of the “Safe Sport” video (reviewed annually, no cost to the OiO)

NOTE: If you are already involved in youth hockey here in New Mexico nothing here will be new, so just consider this an advisory.

USA Hockey Registrationprint

Land Of Enchantment Hockey Association [LOEHA] pays for this and is reimbursed by the leagues and teams in the area so, if you complete this registration as outlined below you should not be billed to register or renew your registration.

  1. Click this link to visit the USA Hockey registration page. You will likely find it easiest to fill this out on a computer rather than a mobile device.
  2. Register as a “Manager/Volunteer”. Ignore the grey info box and click “Next” to continue.
  3. Select "Myself" and click "Next".
  4. Complete the Participant's Personal Information section, and click "Next" to continue.
  5. Registering with a New Mexico address will automatically link you properly to be affiliated with the LOEHA. Complete the Participant's Mailing Address section and click "Next" to continue.
  6. Complete the Participant's Contact Information section and click "Next" to continue.
  7. Respond to the participant's racial or ethnic heritage question and click "Next" to continue.
  8. Respond to the USA Hockey Foundation donation request and click "Confirm and Continue."
  9. Read and respond to the Waiver Of Liability, clicking "Next" to Continue.
  10. Read and respond to the USA Hockey Concussion Information and Acknowledgement, clicking "Next" to continue.
  11. Read and respond to the Acknowledgement of USA Hockey SafeSport Policies, clicking "Next" to continue.
  12. Review and verify your information, especially verifying your email address is correct. Click "Confirm and Continue" ONLY after you have verified your information.
  13. Your USAH registration number will be displayed on the receipt/confirmation page, make sure you at least save your registration number (it is necessary to continue your OiO registration and certification process). If possible it is recommended you view and print (or save to a PDF) your "Payment Receipt" (view a sample confirmation page).

NOTE: Your confirmation email will also contain your USA Hockey registration or Member Number. Double check that your information included in the email is correct, most importantly that the Registration Category indicates MANAGER/VOLUNTEER and Land Of Enchantment Hockey Association (Loeha) is listed under the Affiliate heading. If you do not see the email after several minutes, check your spam or junk email folder.

Background Checkprint

If you are in a position of authority over or have regular contact with USA Hockey athletes, including without limitation a staff member, official, coach, board member, coordinator, local program administrator, trainer, locker room monitor, independent contractor, volunteer, medical personnel, or other person with authority over or have regular contact with USA Hockey athletes, then you are required to complete a background check as a condition of your involvement. Background screens are valid for two seasons. Background checks are conducted by USA Hockey’s screening vendor, the National Center for Safety Initiatives (“NCSI”). Your USA Hockey registration number will be required during the application process.

  1. Do not complete this step unless directed to do so by the OIO Director of Operations (i.e. John Locke)
  2. Click here to complete the NSCI background screening registration.
  3. Click on the red box “Click here to begin a new background screen” and follow the prompts on the following pages.
  4. Both you and LOEHA will be notified when the screening is complete.
Safe Sport Certificationprint

Safesport Training review is an annual requirement and can be completed on line at your convenience. Your USA Hockey registration number will be required during the application process.

  1. Click here to begin SafeSport Training.
  2. Click the red box “Access required core training here"
  3. Follow the prompts and complete the training.
  4. Both USA Hockey and LOEHA are automatically notified that you have completed SafeSport training.

It is recommended you print or save a PDF of your certificate as a back up should it be necessary to prove completion.

Thank you for your willingness to serve as a NM OiO and taking the time to complete these registrations and certifications.

Once you have completed all three requirements, please email or contact the OiO coordinators and inform them that your registration and certification requirement has been completed.