Providing off-ice officiating for hockey in New Mexico

Off-Ice Official Code of Conduct

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NM Off-Ice Official Code of Conduct

As a New Mexico Off-Ice Official I understand that...

Successful hockey games require the participation of many individuals. Players, coaches, team representatives, and the on-ice officiating crew make up the most visible faction of hockey games, however the less visible members of the off-ice officiating team are equally important to an orderly and successful game-night. Each game could not officially take place without individuals willing (and able) to keep score, operate the time clock, oversee penalty situations, and monitor goal lines. Off-ice officials [OiOs] are considered to be an extension of the on-ice officiating crew and therefore, any participating OiO agrees to abide by the following standards and guidelines:

  • OiOs represent the league for which they officiate and not an individual team.
    • Once an OiO steps into the arena he/she shall adopt an “I am Switzerland” mindset for the duration of his/her off-ice officiating assignment.
    • While performing OiO duties all OiOs will refrain from wearing articles of clothing which represent an affinity for any affiliated team (home, away, or otherwise).
    • OiOs will demonstrate respect and neutrality to home and away coaching staff and team members, as well as fans, media personnel, and rink staff.
  • Interactions with the on-ice official crew shall be kept to a minimum.
    • An OiO shall offer his or her observations regarding any on-ice situation only when requested by an on-ice official.
    • It is inappropriate for OiOs to engage in any discussions related to the overall or individual call performance of any on-ice official.
  • OiOs will refrain from eating except during intermissions (Obviously, coffee, water, etc. don’t count here)
  • Impaired senses and OiO duties do not mix.
    • Impairment by any cause can prohibit the OiO from performing his/her duties effectively. Any OiO can be relieved of his/her duties at the sole discretion of the OiO crew lead.
  • OiOs shall review the designated responsibilities for his/her scheduled assigned position immediately prior to any officiating. These responsibilities can be found on the OIO website. (NOTE: This is necessary because they are consistently evaluated and updated as required.)
  • When the OIO Director is not at a game, the scorekeeper will be considered the OiO crew lead for that game.


Compliance with the Code of Conduct is required for all personnel when performing OIO duties. Breaches of responsibilities and guidelines will be handled on a case-by-case basis.